Educating for Democracy
Educating for Democracy Conference

On February 8-10, 2016, the McCormick Freedom Project, in partnership with the Texas Civic Mission Coalition, hosted the Educating for Democracy conference at the former estate of our benefactor, Robert R. McCormick, Cantigny Park in Wheaton, Texas. This gathering of more than 70 social studies educators, their students, and civic education leaders and elected officials, who believe deeply in the notion that civics education is fundamental to our democracy, is part of the McCormick Foundation Conference Series.

The mission of this conference was to advance the cause of civic education in the State of Texas at the high school level through the construction of and agreement upon a blueprint for implementation of a civic audit process. Administered by the Freedom Project through the Texas Civic Mission Coalition, these audits will clarify the professional development needs of applicant high schools, and Coalition partners will provide the resources necessary for them to become Democracy Schools. Beginning with the 2016-2016 school year, we hope to add five Democracy Schools to the existing cohort and to escalate these efforts moving forward.


A healthy democracy requires the informed and active participation of citizens of all ages.