Educating for Democracy
Additional Links

The following organizations are additional resources regarding civic education that may be helpful. They are provided by the Texas Civic Mission Coalition. Please visit the websites listed for additional information.

Resources from the Texas Civic Mission Coalition

American Bar Association Division for Public Education

Chicago Public Schools

Choices Program/Texas Humanities Council

Citizen Advocacy Center

Close-Up Foundation

Consortium on Chicago School Research

Constitutional Rights Foundation Chicago

Dirksen Center

Facing History & Ourselves

Texas Association of School Boards

Texas First Amendment Center

Texas League of Women Voters

Texas Resource Center

Texas State Bar Association

Texas State Board of Education

Texas We the People

League of Women Voters of Texas

McCormick Foundation Civics Program
McCormick Foundation Civics Program

Mikva Challenge

YMCA Youth and Government

Resources from the Texas Civic Mission Coalition Civic Audit for Texas High Schools

Resources from other Civic Education Organizations

Center for Civic Education

CIRCLE (The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement)

Constitutional Rights Foundation (Los Angeles)

National Council for the Social Studies