Educating for Democracy
Becoming a Democracy School:
Funding Recommendations

1.Professional Development Programs Led by School Districts and Non-Profit Civic Organizations
Texas currently has outstanding models and programs that promote the advancement of civic education in high schools.

We recommend funding to promote opportunities offered by school districts and nonprofit organizations in order to introduce and promote promising civic practices in high schools across the state.

2. Baseline Statewide Audit and Annual Assessment of Civic Progress among Texas High Schools
Texas currently has no baseline for assessing the overall level of civic instruction and activities in its high schools.

We recommend funding to create an inaugural statewide audit of civic instruction and activities to be conducted with all Texas high schools. We further recommend funding to permit an annual statewide assessment of civic progress among Texas high schools. We envision both the initial audit and the annual assessment as diagnostic, non-evaluative instruments for the promotion of the civic mission of Texas high schools.

3. Parallel Efforts to Promote the Civic Mission of Elementary and Middle Schools in Texas
The Texas Civic Mission Coalition and the signatories of the Civic Blueprint have focused solely on Texas high schools.

We recommend funding to promote a parallel effort for promoting the advancement of civic education in elementary and middle schools statewide.

Resources from the Texas Civic Mission Coalition

The following organizations are additional resources regarding civic education that may be helpful. They are provided by the Texas Civic Mission Coalition. Please visit the websites listed for additional information.

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